Description du projet


Help on site or by donating food.

If you’re on holidays in Chania or if you’re a permanent resident, you can volunteer to feed the animals:

  • On your own initiative in case you spot a stray that looks hungry. If you’re in Chania for a short time, try to see if someone else can continue after you leave.

  • By visiting one of our many cat colonies with our volunteers to help feed the strays and clean the shelters.

  • By donating food in store at Chaniapetworld or delivering it at Silke Wrobel’s or one of our volunteers’.

Please contact Noah’s Little Ark for more information.

Don’t feed the animals too close to the hotels, as owners usually don’t appreciate having strays hanging around.

Only feed an animal if it looks hungry. If it looks okay, it’s very likely that it’s fed by someone else already.

Give appropriate pet food. For instance, pets don’t digest milk and bread very well.